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Despite our best efforts, we cannot completely prevent toxins from entering our body. We produce toxins naturally as part of the metabolism process. In addition to this, we also get toxins from the food we eat and the environment we’re exposed to.

Our body works pretty much like a machine, and its performance depends primarily on how the different parts work. When too much toxin has accumulated, these parts get “congested,” causing our body to “malfunction” on various levels.

Cleansing helps get rid of these toxins so our body is rejuvenated and freed of pollutants. Cleansing can reverse the effects of toxins in the body by essentially “rebooting” our bodily systems.

Cleansing protocols

A cleanse can last from 3 to 21 or more days, depending on what you can commit to and the level of detoxification you want to achieve.

Various cleansing protocols have been developed over the years to cater to different needs and preferences. Some involve fasting for a short period – from 16 to 36 hours – nourishing the body only with water, juices, and supplements. Others call for abstaining from food and ingredients that are known to contain plenty of toxins, such as coffee, sweets, and alcohol, and substituting these with whole, unprocessed, and organic food and supplements.

Here are three of the most popular cleansing protocols to consider:

  1. Liver cleanse
    The liver is the body’s biggest organ and is responsible for over 400 bodily functions. It’s the body’s main cleansing organ, so freeing it from the toxic wastes it has accumulated over a period of time can help make it function optimally again.


    There are various liver cleansing protocols, but the basic principles include:

    • Abstaining from alcohol
    • Taking liver-cleansing supplements like milk thistle and turmeric
    • Eating only whole, unprocessed, and organic food and drinks
  2. Colon cleanse
    A fiber-rich diet composed mostly of fruits and vegetables is the best way to care for the colon. A regular colon cleanse can also help get rid of toxic wastes that may have accumulated in this organ, including old fecal matter, residues from drugs, heavy metals, and others. It’s often advised to do a colon cleanse before any other detox – this will ensure that the colon is not clogged and can freely expel the waste that would be cleaned out of other organs.


    Holistic colon cleansing may be done by taking supplements, herbal teas, salt water, and juices. It can also be done through the rectum – a process that should be performed by a professional.

  3. Kidney cleanse
    The kidney is responsible for filtering toxic waste matters from the blood and for regulating the body’s acid/alkaline balance and fluid content. Over the years, the organ can accumulate waste matter like drug residues, toxins from processed foods, and chemical deposits from household products. This can lead to kidney stones, diabetes, obesity, and others.


    A holistic kidney cleanse can help get rid of these toxic wastes to improve the way the organ functions. Teas and supplements from herbs and plants like juniper berries, dandelion leaf, and others are among the most popular kidney cleanses. They should be taken with a plant-based diet for better results.

If you want to learn more about cleanses, visit our Cleanse page and give us a call at 617.328.6300.

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