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Trying to figure out a last minute gift for the wellness lover in your life? Or the one who works too hard and needs some self-care? Look no further, the 2021 Wholebody Solutions gift guide is here!

1. Silk Eye Mask

Sleep in style with this sleep mask made of 100% top quality mulberry silk. Your undereyes will thank you!

2. Automatic Supplement Dispenser

To make taking supplements THAT MUCH easier. This dispenser holds up to a 90-day supply of 10 supplements. If you want to keep it simple, here’s a classic supplement organizer. And here are some supplements to fill it ;).

3. Immune System Prevention Bundle

No one wants to be sick, especially during the holidays. Keep your immune system in check with our immune prevention favorites! For even more convenience, check out our immune system health packs.

4. A Funky Yoga Mat from Society 6

Steer away from basics for your yoga loving friends this year. These yoga mats come in endless patterns for those with a more eclectic style.

5. Agnes RF Laser Package

Nobody wants undereye bags, but in this day and age, it’s an unfortunate reality for most. Agnes RF is a non-surgical radio frequency device that treats eye bags and other skin issues such as cystic acne, discoloration, scarring, etc. It also tightens and removes fat from the neck and jowl area. Give mom the gift of great skin! Contact us here to learn more.

6. The Jade Trio Balancing Set

Continue your skin care routine even away from our office for best results. For lymphatic drainage, try this set from Mt. Lai.

7.  Non-Surgical Facelift through Scarlet RF

Lets face it, no one wants to go under the knife. With Scarlett RF microneedling technology, we can lift the face with a laser! Contact us here to learn more.

8. Dry Brush
Dry brushing is great for skin health and drainage such as cellulite appearance reduction, glowing skin, improved blood circulation, dead skin removal, clogged pore removal, etc. This set is only 12.99 on amazon.

9. Brain Integration Therapy 

The pandemic has effected everyone mentally. Brain Integration Therapy improves a person’s ability to think, behave, feel, and move. Brain Integration Treatments are effective for all. You can learn more here. 

10. Supplement Gift Card
There are lot’s of benefits to taking supplements, but quality is key. Supplements that aren’t regulated can be borderline dangerous. A gift card to our online store ensures you’re getting highest quality supplements on the market.

11. Sunshine Chocolates
Chocolate with benefits?! Sunshine chocolates contain vitamins D & K.Vitamin D has been clinically shown to improve moods, bone health, and support a healthy immune response*. Add Vitamin K and you have a dream team of wellness support.

12. Verilux Happy Light
We have these all over our office, especially in the winter. Vitamin D is important, and the verilux safely brings daylight indoors by emitting a bright white light that mimics sunlight. Plug it in & get happy! It’s available for $39.99 here.

13. EmSculpt NEO Package
For the gym obsessed, (OR the gym hater) the gift of confidence is priceless. The Emsculpt NEO is safe, effective, and non-invasive. These treatments aid in muscle building and fat loss. Call us at (617)-328-6300 to learn more about the Emsculpt NEO and our pricing options.

14. Collagen Peptides
Collagen peptides are the new craze for skin fanatics. Improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness through collagen supplementation. Collagen also may increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, and relieve joint pain. Try our favorite here.

15. Goddess Revival CBD Bath Soak
“Every woman deserves to practice self-care & self-love every month (or many times a month) by treating themselves to a CBD Infused bath soak that uses all organic essential oils with the female cycle in mind.” – The Healing Rose. This product is an amazing stocking stuffer for the bath lover. Get it here for $25 (In return you’re also supporting a local, women owned business!)

16. Alpha IPL Laser Session 

Who doesn’t want to rejuvenate their face? IPL is an affordable way to minimize or remove age spots, sun damage, freckles, birthmarks, varicose veins, broken blood vessels, rosacea, wrinkles, and hair. Call us at (617)-328-6300 to learn more.

17. Acupuncture

The best gifts are experiences. Pay in advance for a few of your loved ones acupuncture appointments. Contact us here to learn more. 

18. Acupressure Mat
Use this mat in between acupuncture treatments for maximum benefits! Only $19.47 on Amazon.

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