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We all wish we could live forever, but sadly aging is a process that no one can reverse no matter how hard they try. But, just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to accept everything that comes along with it. Healthy aging means that you can look and feel at your best even as time goes by. Have a look at the best ways you can age with grace and beauty.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Age shouldn’t be a barrier for staying active. Getting in a consistent routine of physical exercise helps to keep your body and mind at their best. It also means that you can remain in charge of your life, no matter what your age is. Staying active can help to prevent the development of chronic diseases, including but not limited to: diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. The great part about being active is that there are so many choices. You can choose your favorite exercise, whether it involves going to the gym, cycling, playing tennis, or anything else. As long as it keeps you moving, then it is worthwhile.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Along with exercise, a good diet helps to contribute to optimal health. Unfortunately, too many people overindulge and consume harmful ingredients in excess. Fast food may seem convenient, but it can lead to the development of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, which are the biggest killers. You don’t need to stay away from treats, but you do need to stick to a plan of moderation. Fill your diet with nutrient dense foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, lean meats and fish. Stay away from highly processed foods whenever possible. Sometimes it may not be possible to get all of the nutrients you need from diet alone; luckily, there are supplements that can help to fill in the gaps.
The Best Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement

  • Bilberry
    One of the best healthy aging supplements is Bilberry. This natural herbal supplement contains anthocyanins, which help to maintain healthy eyes and provide support for capillaries and the maintenance of vascular integrity. 
  • For-Til B12
    Another excellent healthy aging supplement is For-Til B12. This supplement contains tillandsia (Spanish Moss), fortified with food-based B12. It helps to encourage a healthy immune system, and it helps to support healthy blood levels. Additionally, it is known to support vitality, which makes it a fantastic supplement for aging with grace.

Never Stop Learning

Your brain is just as important as your mind, and it too needs regular stimulation to prevent decline. Many older adults will go on to develop dementia and other cognitive related diseases. There have been a variety of studies that show regular cognitive stimulation can help to slow this decline. Keep your brain active by continuing to learn and challenge yourself. You’re never too old to learn a new language or to engage in a new hobby such as playing an instrument. By pursuing your interests, you can keep your mind engaged and healthy. Looking to keep your mind active in other ways? Learn more about one of our unique and effective services, Brain Integration Therapy. 

Focus on Your Relationships

Loneliness is something that many older adults have to cope with. Not only can this have negative effects on mental health, it can also increase the risk of developing certain diseases. Naturally, there will be certain changes that make it harder to keep relationships. It is important to focus on making the most of existing relationships and also making an effort to forge new ones. It is never too late to make new friends. Make time to meet with friends; even a cup of coffee once a week can make all the difference.

Keep Stress Levels Down

Stress can be a leading cause of many diseases and illnesses. Unfortunately, it can become harder to manage as we age. High-stress levels can lead to excessive cortisol in our system, which can lead to illness. Stress cannot be avoided entirely, but it can be managed. Talk to a friend or family member about anything that you are going through. Having a regular outlet can do wonders to reduce stress levels. Additionally, take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, enough exercise, and by eating the right foods. This will put you in the best position to fight off stress. Yoga and meditation can be great ways to relax yourself and ease your worries. A positive mindset is the best way to lead a lifestyle that minimizes stress; try to let go of the things beyond your control and instead realize the importance of embracing acceptance.

Understand the Value of Prevention

There is a key saying that states “prevention is better than cure.” It is always better to prevent a disease than to have to deal with one. Simple precautions such as washing hands and getting an annual flu jab can help to decrease the risk of infections. Get regular health checks, and manage any existing issues. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, be proactive with your health.

Maintain a Consistent Sleep Routine

Sleep is vital for health at all ages. It is well known that many older adults do not get enough sleep per night. This can lead to issues such as irritability, depression, and cognitive issues. Get into the habit of a sleep routine in which you sleep and wake up at the same time. Make sure your room is dark and free from any distractions. It can help to have a notebook in which you write your thoughts for the next day; this can help to ease those lingering thoughts that may keep you up at night. If you still struggle with sleep, there may be an underlying imbalance in your body. Try one of our safe & effective nervous system support supplements or reach out for a consultation. 

At WholeBody Solutions, we are determined to promote the best ways to age beautifully and gracefully. If you have any additional questions about any of these tips, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide advice. 

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